Residential Fencing in Mineral Wells, West Virginia

Appalachian Fence LLC Provides Stress-Free Installation

Do you need a chain link fence around your property? Are you looking to add a beautiful, All-American appearance to your property with vinyl fencing? At Appalachian Fence LLC, we can provide quality, durable residential fencing that will look great and add security and safety to your property, as well as add privacy for your home. We use steel made in the USA and all concrete is mixed by us! When you want the best stress-free installation and customer service at affordable rates, your best move is to call Appalachian Fence LLC at (304) 481-6261 or (740) 818-4817.

DIY Fencing Projects Can Lead to Major Problems

When you are a homeowner, landlord or business owner, there is a temptation to attempt to do-it-yourself, including installing and repairing fences. Appalachian Fence LLC strongly recommends against doing a DIY fencing project. If you do not have experience like we do in fencing installation, you can run into problems on the property that were not anticipated, including:

Installing all or part of the fence on a neighbor’s property

Knowing how deep to set up the fence posts

Not getting a permit to install the fence

Knowing about underground utilities

The cost for the materials of the fence

How long it will take to install the fence

Chain Link Fences are Versatile & Affordable

Chain link fencing is a versatile and economical way of bordering your property and increasing security. The chain link fence is one of Appalachian Fence’s most popular products with homeowners because of its affordability, long life and strength. We sell and install different kinds of chain link fences depending on what the fence is enclosing. We have a variety of color options for the chain link fence, including black, green, brown and galvanized.

Residential Fencing Options Offered by Appalachian Fence LLC include:








Vinyl Fences are Durable & Add to Curb Appeal

Vinyl fencing surrounds many homes in Western West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio. Vinyl fences are popular among Appalachian Fence’s customers because of their inviting, All-American-looking appearance. The vinyl fence is made with quality material, has a long lifetime and holds up well in bad West Virginia and Ohio weather. We have many different kinds of vinyl fences to choose from, so you are sure to find the best fence for your residential property.

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